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Helping Your Data Work Smarter

Focus on your data’s impact — we’ll provide infrastructure

We give your team more time and space to efficiently and effectively use your data by providing the first non-profit, full-stack solution designed specifically for progressive organizations.

 Progressive Action Database

 A full-stack solution designed specifically for progressive orgs

Progressive Action Database (PAD) is our data warehouse and integrations platform.

We leverage enterprise tools (GCP, Airbyte, dbt) and customize them for the movement's most important data needs. PAD allows progressive organizations to store, move, analyze, visualize, share, and report on your data


Using Google’s Cloud solution BigQuery, we’re able to offer an enterprise-level data warehousing solution that can store data from all the tools and platforms used by the movement in one centralized place, without the concerns of space or query performance.  


By leveraging open source tools like Airbyte, we make use of solutions that already exist to retrieve data from common sources and platforms. Plus, we can easily create brand new connectors for platforms that are essential to impactful programs.


We use tools like dbt to transform ingested data and produce analyst-ready tables and datasets. Analysts can spend more time querying the data and less time getting your data into the right format. CTA's transforms are already at your fingertips.

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So, What Is PAD?

A deeper dive look into the Progressive Action Database.

Our Offering

How we add value to the ecosystem

We tailor user-driven, non-profit solutions specifically geared toward the needs of our partners. Our systems are crafted for the purpose of non-partisan voter registration and GOTV programs, supporting Democratic candidates, issue advocacy or progressive policy advocacy, or other progressive political purposes. 

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Ensure maximum program efficiency boosting data quality and accuracy 


Multiply the capacity of data analysts to inform program decision-making


Present usable, acute, and accessible information in formats decision makers can meaningfully utilize 


Speed real-time data access for decision-making across the ecosystem, including data from DDx 

Data Integrations

We’ve built open-source integrations with the tools you use.

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