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People marching for change.

Progressives use data to make change. 
We’re changing the way progressives use data.

A Public Utility for Progressive Data

We build and maintain data systems designed for the specific data needs of progressive organizations.

Our data warehouse and integrations platform - Progressive Action Database (PAD) - brings together all the best features of enterprise software, customized for the progressive use case. We build the syncs, so you can focus on analysis, reporting, and program.

 Our team blends the best of industry, organizing, and political experience to bring scale, reliability, and security to the forefront of everything CTA does. We bring the 'tech team' to your toughest data, software, and security challenges.

We help make syncing data effortless and easy, so you’re ready to report, analyze, and make decisions. Integrations to all major movement tools are ready when you are.

A Simplified approach

tech expertise


Simpler Data Management 

Leverage data efficiently, so you can focus on the fight for a better future.

Our mission is to empower progressive organizations to run their programs more efficiently. We want to help you dedicate your focus and funding toward what really matters most.


We believe there’s a more efficient and effective way for progressive organizations to manage and use data. So, we built it — an approach to data infrastructure that’s low-cost, easy to use, and unlocks the power of data to make progressive change.  

Our Partners

Unlocking the potential of data together

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What Our Partners Are Saying

"We’re so grateful for the time and money that CTA saved us in setting up our data syncs so that we can focus our resources on what we do best: building political power for the Latino community."

Data Director, 
Mi familia vota

"By managing the setup, daily data transfers, and hosting of our database, CTA made it possible for our union to have a data warehouse and increased our capacity to leverage data to advocate for our union members."

Data Director,
SEIu healthcare pa

"The CTA has been absolutely instrumental to the development of Equis' data systems and infrastructure, and their technical expertise has allowed our team to devote more time and resources to the things we're best at, like analysis and evaluation. Our data team would not be where we are without them!"

Senior Targeting Director,

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How can we help

Our partners use CTA’s Progressive Action Database to

  • Speed data flow

  • Eliminate redundancies

  • Bypass data bottlenecks

  • Improve data quality for sharper insights

  • Give their data teams more time to focus on analysis 

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Help progressive groups get the most from their data. Learn about open positions on our team, from software engineers to fundraising specialists.

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