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Our Offering

CTA offers products and tools for the purpose of non-partisan voter registration or non-partisan get-out-the-vote programs, supporting Democratic candidates, issue advocacy or progressive policy advocacy, or other progressive political purposes.

CTA’s Offering currently includes the following tools and platforms, which may be used in combination or standalone:  

Progressive Action Database (PAD), CTA's data warehouse and integrations platform

LaunchPAD, CTA's portal to the PAD tool suite and status page

PAD Connectors, the ability to connect to partner visualization tools and third-party analytics platforms

PADlock, our secure monitoring and logging platform

PADdle, CTA-engineered ETL and reverse ETL via Airbyte, and data transformation and augmentation via dbt, two innovative open-source platforms

SketchPAD, CTA's customized data visualization tool using Google Data Studio

NotePAD, CTA's knowledge base and documentation library